What You Seek is Seeking You – Rumi

About Samsara

Illustrated by the wheel of life the Pali word "Samsara" means "flowing on" or "passing through". It's a process not a place and has tendency to keep creating worlds and then moving into them.

Mahayana Buddhism teaches that "Samsara" is nirvana. When we cease to create Samsara, nirvana naturally appears; nirvana is, then, the purified true nature of Samsara.

"Samsara" is a space for the multifaceted learning needs of the children in today's times. Samsara is a space which not only looks after the academic orientation but also the holistic growth of the child as an individual. It is a program for kids who are struggling to find a balance between school and social life and to live a stress free life amongst peer pressure! Samsara interlaces breath work and skill based education to make learning a deeper and more meaningful process.

Samsara offers fitness of mind and body as one as well as targeting anxiety, focus, and concentration issues faced by young adults and adolescents.



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