Samsara Mindfullness

Our endeavor is to expand and raise awareness of the basic structures of thinking and acting by merging and grounding our learning models with holistic approach of transformative learning.

It is only through meditation, you achieve greater excellence in whatsoever you do.

We at Samsara Conduct meditation workshops , teach breathing techniques under our own program 'Samasati' and conduct daily meditations.


Through this 3 step technique ,you will learn to access inner peace now, no matter what is happening in your life. You will see that you can live well without worry, fear and anxiety when life gets tough. Most of us keep telling ourselves that when our life shows up in a new or different way, then inner peace will finally be ours. This course will teach you that there is a way to live in the world that is more enlightened than this. You will learn how to get relief from difficult thoughts, calm yourself when life upsets you, handle the monkey mind , treat yourself with radical tenderness, and keep your heart open and love everyone more, even difficult people. By creating powerful new mindsets and using Inner Peace Practices, you align yourself with serenity and joy. Peace and calm can be yours.

  • Dramatically reduce anxiety, fear, and worry
  • Calm yourself when life upsets you
  • Get relief from difficult thoughts
  • Handle wild emotions easily
  • Create an empowered relationship with your ego
  • Treat yourself with radical tenderness
  • Keep your heart open and love everyone more, even difficult people
  • Create long-lasting "unshakeable peace"

Each week you will receive a written lesson and 3 audio "Inner Peace Practices" to help you stay centered and serene--even on the most difficult of days. At the end of the course, you will have 24 unique and powerful (and downloadable) practices to call upon when you need them the most.

Remember, life will snatch away your grace time and again if you do not have the practices and tools that will keep you calm and cool. Peace of body, mind, heart and soul is your birthright and your destiny. Inner peace is possible, beginning today!

Meditation for Busy People

Meditation by most is considered as a way to reduce tension, minimize the stress and quickly relax and unwind.

If we actually reflect upon the real meaning of meditation that would just be an outcome of becoming fully aware while keeping a no-mind.

Most of the techniques taught for meditation were developed several thousands of years ago for people living a very different lifestyle than today.

As of today most of the men, women are working professions with little or no time for recreation leave alone meditation.

All this is in most cases is leading to reduced physical health ,high stress levels due to job requirements and timelines, bad eating habits as well as reduced immunity due to erratic timings and high competition.

Amongst all of this the real purpose of meditation has lost its meaning, becoming just a way of reducing or miniminizing the stress and improving mental health , whereas the real aim was to find ones purpose in life, to become fully aware of being alive and think absolutely in the present.

Present day human does not have all day to sit under a tree and ponder, hence this 11 day meditation for busy people offers and aims to achieve a no mind, one mind one body by making the person aware of his present and by that reaching a healthy lifestyle where low stress would be a by product of it .It fuses the ancient meditation techniques with the modern ones.

These techniques can be practiced anywhere and will be applied to our daily life and routine.

The 11 day process is divided into three key stages namely Emotional healing, examining the mind talk and tackling physical issues.

Through this one will uncover and release forgotten emotions. We are in a constant fight with the mind ,have blocked thoughts and emotions .These techniques will help in engaging oneself on one’s own personal healing journey and finally liberating oneself of the processes and hence in transforming the person into a better human being.

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