We are a Wellness studio working towards creating Wellness solutions for young adolescents as well as adults, mums and dads. We currently run a Wellness studio in Saket. It is equipped for regular sessions for children and adults with multifold needs. Our team comprises of an interesting mix of special educators,trainers, councillors and experts in varied techniques like ZUMBA, Meditation, Jukari, Jazz,Pilates, and Yoga.

'Letting go' is a great way to build rapport within teams. Our team building sessions aim at giving that quick short term boost to our students and enthusiastically peak positive morale. A well-planned and well-executed program helps people feel good about themselves and about each other. we encourage interaction at levels that are not usually done at school and work and get to know each other better. They also earn a common experience to talk about back-at-home. Our programs assist in building the base for getting your team to work together in a cohesive and vibrant manner.

A peek into the science of the program:

Regularity – To achieve good results from your training, you must exercise often. You should exercise each of the first four components of fitness at least three times a week. Infrequent exercise can do more harm than good. We do keep motivating you by way of SMS and personal calls.

Progression – The intensity and duration of exercise must gradually increase to improve the level of fitness. With Ankle weights and dumbbells suiting individual progression in mind are planned. Also lot of exercises is performed at beginner, intermediate and advanced level to increase the intensity.

Balance – To be effective, this fitness program includes activities that address all the components of fitness. Overemphasizing one of the components over the others will eventually hurt the other components.

Variety – Providing a variety of activities reduces boredom and increases motivation and progress.

Specificity – Training must be geared toward specific goals. We suggest certain sessions over the others to people with specific goals.

Recovery – A hard day of training for a given component of fitness should be followed by an easier training day or rest day for that component and/or muscle group to help permit recovery. Another way to allow recovery is to alternate the muscle groups exercised every other day, especially when training for strength and muscle endurance.

Overload – The work load of each exercise session must exceed the normal demands placed on the body in order to bring about a training effect. To this effect we plan C2C and Bootcamps also in the schedule.

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