Buddha says: Light the candle of awareness in your heart, and your whole being will radiate compassion.

Our endeavor is to expand and raise awareness of the basic structures of thinking and acting by merging and grounding our learning models with holistic approach of transformative learning.

It is only through meditation, you achieve greater excellence in whatsoever you do

The secret is that meditation releases awareness and curiosity in you. To us, awareness is the only virtue and unawareness the only sin.

The Mind has only one capacity, and that is to dream. Dreaming is your continuity, and unless this continuity is broken you cannot know what the truth is. The question is not whether truth is very far away or near, the question is whether the mind is in a dream or not.

We at Samsara conduct meditation workshops , teach breathing techniques under our own program ‘Samsati’ and conduct daily meditations

Samsati – Healing through Breathing

Through Samasati, not only will you relieve stress but also achieve your full potential. To have clarity about yourself you first need to be at peace with your inner self. Deep relaxation throughout the day takes you deeper within your self. Samasati teaches three Breathing techniques that will transform your life.

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